What’s so special?

People are asking what’s different about Bipzone, compared with other Bluetooth beacon solutions.

Commercially, the major difference is that it’s completely free! That’s free for mobile users and free for participating businesses too.

Technically, there are quite a few key differences that set it aside from the rest. For example, Bipzone notification content is read directly from the beacon itself, so that it works without requiring an internet connection. Clearly a mobile user will still need a connection in order to view some particular web content, but the Bipzone app stores the link so they can visit it later instead of being told it’s unavailable.

Also, our smart USB-connected Bipzone beacons are designed to be attached to digital signage, kiosks or other computer systems, rather than being stand-alone devices. This means that you can update the content sent to mobile users in real-time, according to whatever is on the big screen, or whatever is happening at your location.

Even if you don’t want to take advantage of all these features straight away, using Bipzone and the DTAG100 means you have a future-proof solution that won’t run out of battery and which will allow you to keep up with new developments in the marketplace, since the beacons can be re-configured and updated at any time.

First outing!

After many months of development, Bipzone has been seen in public for the first time at the NEC Display Solutions Showcase in London! Visitors are being invited to download the Bipzone app onto their mobile phones, after which they will be automatically notified as they move between different zones of the exhibition, and given links to detailed descriptions of the exhibits and partners involved.