Welcome to Bipzone

Bipzone for mobile users

Bipzone is a free mobile app that scans for info being transmitted by shops, exhibits and other places as you pass nearby. Locations that are part of Bipzone can send out messages and offers that are only available if you are in the immediate area.

Your mobile phone will display these as notifications that are quick and easy to act on. You can ignore, block or view the content being shared with you. You can also use the app to view previous messages and to manage your preferences.

Your privacy is protected – if you block messages from a particular Bipzone, it will not bother you again. You can also mark some Bipzones as favourites, to streamline access to their online content when you are nearby, or to limit your notifications to just those of particular interest.

I’m in – tell me where I can get the Bipzone app now!

Bipzone for businesses

Bipzone is a great solution for communicating with your customers or potential customers when they are nearby. Whether you are an independent retailer, a high-street chain, or an event organiser, Bipzone provides a free and easy way to send highly localised and up-to-date messages and offers to people who are interested to receive them.

To participate, you simply need to install one of our smart Bipzone beacons at each location. This USB device notifies and transmits your content to nearby  Bipzone users. You can change this data at any time, control the transmission range, and even link directly with other local systems, such as digital signage displays, so that it changes automatically.

We’re in – tell me how to get started with Bipzone!

Or, for more information please email bipzone@dotorigin.com